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◆Load life 85℃ 2000 hours ◆Bi-polar,standard ◆Used in inconsistent polarity circuits


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Nantong XingChen Electron Co., Ltd., was established in 1985.It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in aluminum electrolytic capacitors integrating R&D, production and sales. We have advanced automatic production equipments, production technology and independent development capabilities.

The CD71 series is an innovative bi-polar electrolytic capacitor engineered to excel in circuits with inconsistent polarity. With a robust load life rating of 2000 hours at 85℃, the CD71 series delivers reliability and performance tailored for demanding applications.

The CD71 series is designed to operate in circuits with varying polarities, offering a standard solution for applications where traditional capacitors may not suffice. Its bi-polar design ensures compatibility and stability, making it an ideal choice for circuits with inconsistent polarity requirements.

This series finds its ideal application in industries where inconsistent polarity circuits are prevalent. Whether it's audio equipment, automotive electronics, or industrial control systems, the CD71 series provides the necessary stability and reliability to ensure seamless operation in diverse and demanding environments.

Explore more about the CD71 series at [] and discover how it can enhance the performance and reliability of your circuits with inconsistent polarity requirements. Choose the CD71 series for a standard solution that brings stability and reliability to applications with varying polarities.







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